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The Best Faux Fur Calming Donut Dog Bed For The Winter Holidays

The winter holidays are just around the corner. It's a time for friends, families and loved ones to get together and celebrate, and this of course includes celebrating with our furry companions. 

Like us, our pets can most definitely sense the excitement and festivities we feel during the holiday seasons. And much like how we don't want to be left out, they wouldn't want to be left out either.

 Here's a number of reasons why:

1. Holiday gatherings basically means extra food scraps. Can't finish your food? No problem-o! Good ol' Bailey is here to whisk those scraps off your hands, free of treat charge!

2. More guests means more attention. Free hugs, strokes, and kisses all day!

3. Gift wrapping & unwrapping presents? Pass those empty boxes over to your fur buddy to prance around them. They'll love it.

4. Did someone gift you some new socks or slippers? You're buddy over there is probably puppy-eyeing your old ones.

5. Getting to spend more time with you! The winter holiday season means that you're probably having some time off work or school and in essence, this also means that your pet is benefiting from the situation. Being able to wake you up in the morning, while you are still fast asleep from a long night is the best thing your pet could ever wish for. Not having to see you leave that door in the morning is a blessing to them...because their greatest gift is you.

Here's where another question pops up - what can you gift your furry companion? The obvious answer is our #1 selling faux fur anti-anxiety calming donut dog bed

There are so many names that you can call it whether it be a fluffy calming dog bed, donut dog bed, or furry calming pet bed because it's a bed that is designed for all domesticated pets whether it be dog, cat, or rabbit.

One important element the thrives with our anti-anxiety calming donut dog beds is that it indeed has calming and soothing effects in comparison to other beds. It is one of the softest calming dog beds to ever be designed as it has a shag faux fur exterior and cotton interior - your pet will literally sink into donut shaped dog bed and enjoy the comfort and attachment like an infant's connection to their mother. Why you may ask? Because it's designed to do so. The donut shape and subtle raised rims in addition to the shag faux fur material is made to remind your little fur buddy of the time they snuggled up with their litter mates and their mother when they were just newborns. 

Like so, with superior comfort comes superior sleeping habits and rest. Because of the comfort this comfy calming dog bed provides, your pet will have the best sleep. That's why our calming dog beds is the primary solution to stress and anxiety relief for your fur buddy. 

Gift your pet the best bed ever for the winter holidays this year with our anti-anxiety Calming Donut Dog Bed. Don't forget that it's super warm too - PAW-FECT for the winter seasons!